May we Unite to Raise our Consciousness,
and Build Global Cities of Wellness
“  Queen Afua


The rewards of an holistic plant-based life style can be extremely beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing. Increasing your longevity, fitness, energy levels, lowering your stress levels and improving your perception. 

It is a good idea for you to create a support network for your wellbeing journey, plus good teachers and mentors to guide you are an essential part of your healthy lifestyle network.

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Winter of Wellness Interview with Sistahintheraw

This interview is part of the Winter of Wellness Summit, a free online event where you can learn from some of the most highly sought-after teachers, doctors and healers sharing on impactful topics affecting our health today.
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7 FREE juicy 'Sunfired Ra' raw food recipes
for you to download. 

With this free eBook you will
be able to create a sumptuous,
healthy,raw food celebration
meal for your guests.

Feedback quote:
"Your ebook is a feast for my pallet and my eyes.
The recipes that jump immediately onto my pallet are the plantains and apple pie.
Loving the easy to follow recipes and the suggestions to use alternatives where I wish. A key alternative for me is the oven, on the lowest setting slightly ajar rather than the dehydrator.
Your vibrancy, energy and passion jump off the page on to and through me." --Hyacinth
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Raw Soul Food Recipe Preview eBook

This FREE eBook features Sistahintheraw recipes inspired by her African Caribbean and Indian heritage.
It also includes selected recipes from the menu she was commissioned to develop for Gina Yashere on the Channel4 'Come Dine With Me' TV programme.

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Sistahintheraw's 1-Day Juice Fast

Claim your FREE Sistahintheraw 1-Day Juice Fast Recipe Guide and follow the easy steps for this fasting taster day that will leave you feeling lighter.

Select the from the juice recipes included and the how to
break your fast advice. 

Feedback Quote:

"I did this one-day fast and the issue I was most worried about was being hungry. To my pleasant surprise and exactly as I was told to expect, by having regular juices throughout the day I felt content and full all the way through. The other thing that happened was that later in the day I started craving 'something sweet' and had a carrot sweet craving instantly went away! Both these things really surprised me and I am encouraged to now do a one-day fast again..

Thanks Sistahintheraw!"