Create Positive Vibes - How To Use Affirmations!

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Affirmations are energetic tools that can help you attract the positive things you want in your life, they use the power and energy of words to affirm your intention. They are a combination of thoughts and words that are spoken repeatedly, with the intention to manifest a desired result.

The power of affirmations is more amplified when spoken out loud, with energy and gusto. In many indigenous cultures, an understanding of the power of your spoken words is deep-rooted, resulting in cultural sayings and proverbs that are woven through words, into every aspect of existence on this planet.

Your words should be your thoughts expressed and therefore whatever words you voice, positive or negative, you will begin to attract into your life - what you think and say is what you get or manifest, it's that simple. 

Use affirmations to create daily habits of gratitude for positive change. By so-doing, you will begin to manifest the love, appreciation, success and abundance that is waiting for you to call them into your life. Use affirmations to manifest your goals and also to cultivate a life filled with positivity and gratitude.

Each word you speak and thought you have, is actually, technically an affirmation - are you getting the picture?

"When we change our self-speak, whether it is in a daily affirmation or just in a general, we start to align ourselves with that which we most desire." —Dawn A. Ross

It is in your best interest, for health, prosperity and longevity, that you think and say the words that focus on these positive processes you want to have in your life; because what you say gets imbedded inside your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is always hearing and recording what you say and feel, so it is important for you to be constantly creating the life of abundance, forgiveness and love you desire, through feeding in the type of thoughts and words that will attract the quality of that reality in your life. This will then be recorded by your subconscious mind as an essential part of your process.

What you believe manifests in your reality, so replacing negative beliefs about yourself, your world and others, with new healthier thoughts can become a new healthy habit for you. Your deepest feelings help to attract your current reality, so all of these elements are connected and by aligning your thoughts, words, beliefs and feelings together, through the power of spoken daily affirmations, you can begin to attract powerful shifts in your lived reality.

There's another essential step to this equation though, you need to act on these affirmations. Speaking them out loud isn't enough. The power of your intention is manifested through the physical energy you bring to verbalising your affirmations. You need to be the embodyiment of your voiced affirmation. So, if you're verbalising affirmations about love, abundance etc. think about what it would feel like to have them manifested in your life in the way that you desire.

They would probably make you feel happy or maybe even make you want to jump for joy, or hug yourself, or thank the heavens out loud, right? Well thats the energy you need to bring to voicing your affirmations, put some adrenalin behind it, with all the power of intention and feeling you can muster. You can practice in the mirror if that helps and feel the joy of it. Record it and play it back when you need a boost. Be the powerful voice and bring the spirit of belief to every word that you utter, with strength and certainty, not fear.

Tune in and use your feelings as a guide to what you are attracting. If it feels negative, it probably is, but an upbeat, more positive feeling, based on you making healthy choices, is an indicator you attracting a more positive and upbeat energy around and within you.  

Affirmations therefore, can be used to create a magnificent life for yourself, based on speaking and  it into existence. "You must first condition your mind, in order to receive the things you want in your life". The more you say something, the more your brain or subconscious mind will begin to accept and believe it, creating the manifesting vibration you need to positively alter your life for success.

Creating your own affirmations
When creating your own affirmations, these simple tips will help:

  • Make your affirmations short and to the point

  • Capture the feeling in words of what you want to manifest in your affirmations

  • Start your affirmation in the present tense (I am, I have)

  • Create a daily routine for focusing on speaking or thinking about your affirmations

  • Speak your affirmations to yourself for 30 days to create an habitual way of thinking and to witness and learn from your own process

  • Command your affirmations into existence by saying them with authority and feeling

  • Bring all your passionate energy and belief to voicing your affirmations

7 Commonly used affirmations

  • I am healthy, wealthy and wise

  • My life is a force for good

  • I have everything I need in abundance

  • I raise the standard and give my best to everything I do

  • I live my life by my standard

  • I believe in my success

  • I am a leader

Additionally, if you're feelingly low on self-esteem, it can be really beneficial to work with a professional to guide, mentor or coach you in the beginning stages of personal life transformation. Plus you can research and attend training workshops that will support your goals.

You can also use the specially created Sistahintheraw mind-body-spirit affirmations as a tool to focus your mind and change your life. Try '30 Daily Affirmations with Sistahintheraw', this e-book is filled with positive affirmations for you to delve into and explore the beauty of your true nature. By working with these affirmations, you’ll taking big steps toward building a more rewarding life.

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