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Doing The Work I Love…

I enjoy living my passions – which means sharing my learning and experiences with others to promote spiritual, psychological and health conscious growth and wellbeing.

I know just how challenging any lifestyle change can be and so in order to facilitate on-going transformation, including my own, I accept my perfect imperfection as I learn how to be a living example, by learning how to serve and walking my talk.

My mission/ministry is to create spaces where hearts can open, healing and transformation can take place, and people can be empowered to live their best healthiest life, on purpose.


I do this by facilitating workshops and offering presentations, photo story-telling, writing, talk therapy, publishing, ceremony and ritual. I am committed to developing my own life-path too in this way as a healer, by utilising these tools for personal growth.

A cherished and fulfilling area of life interest and experience for me are techniques for practicing self-care, well-being and food; hence my work and passion is also about supporting people to achieve their goals for holistic health, whether that be through nutrition, creativity, spirituality and or psychologically. 
I believe wholeheartedly that we are reflections of each other and that we are all connected to each others well-being.

This personal philosophy has been deepened by my plant-based, raw and living food journey, creating a breath-taking framework for intentional living and healing. I hope to share many insights, recipes and news with you, as we journey together towards our goals for authentic wellbeing.

How Can I Support You?

I am here to help you transform your life through the raw and living foods lifestyle approach, to eat more consciously, nourish yourself from the inside, raise your energy vibration and to help attract more of life’s wonderful gifts.

I offer raw and living food demonstrations, workshops, seminars and master classes for organisations, groups and individuals; healthy eating and lifestyle courses, talks and presentations, plus one-to-one wholistic raw and living food lifestyle guidance.