Raw Food Rocks!

Hi from Florida, lovely Raw Soul Food people,

In my first live Facebook stream last week, I shared with you some exciting news about the Sistahintheraw goodies that are coming your way. An updated website, video recipe and Raw Soul Food Map. Plus, I shared that I would be realising one of my dreams to go to the Hippocrates Health Institute to train as a Health Educator; and that I wanted to share the gift of this journey with you.

Today I shared the photo above of my raw food lunch, with daughter back in the UK and this was her hilarious reply “If I don’t get a salad that looks exactly like that when you get home I’m gonna write to Hippocrates and ask for a refund.” 

I loved her appreciation of this nourishing salad plate; with it’s rainbow of colours provided by nature. The textures, smells and tastes providing a reservoir of live, active enzymes for the cells of my body. We eat like this everyday here and along with all the other healthy protocols, there is sometimes no need for food based dinner.

Great thing is that I’m away from desk and out of my car. Walking everyday and swimming, much more movement. I am so happy to be here and as the weeks go on, I’ll be posting new stories about this amazing and life transforming experience, which I hope will inspire you to create your own new healthy habits. In the meantime stay tuned as we undertake this Raw Soul Food journey together…

One love,
Sistahintheraw x