Living in the Light…


A Deep Healing Cleanse While I Learn

Greetings Beloved Healthy Lifestyle Seekers,

I am sitting here noticing the beautiful light from the afternoon Georgia sun, streaming through the window and it almost feels like a dream. For the first time in my life, I have spent more time in the sunshine this year, than ever before!

I am so grateful for this timing I have fallen in love with the beauty of my surroundings and the newness and wonder that it affords me. Having lived in a colder climate all my life, this experience is nothing less than breath-taking!

But enough of my romanticising (for a while, I really can’t help it). This has also been a serious health and raw food re-boot for me, after a few years of what feels like a void, a wilderness. It wasn’t of course, important rhythms were percolating below the surface, and when the time arrived for me to experience deeper healing from grief and loss, I was ready to accept deeper growth and my own happiness.

This is part of my insight now, emerging from three months of complete immersion at Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) and everything since. I am in unfamiliar territory and feeling empowered and resolute in my commitment to taking responsibility for my own self-care and wellbeing.

I am elated to be following in the footsteps of people that have inspired me, like Aris La Tham (former chef at HHI) and Dick Gregory, Iyandla and Serena Williams who have all visited HHI.

Throughout my HHI journey, I was ever mindful of India Irie’s song ‘I am Light’, which I found to be liberating and a soulful reminder to just keep surrendering to my process.

So what did I learn? The daily routine went something like this:
Wheatgrass implants (enema’s) twice a day for 3 weeks
Lemon water in the morning
8oz green juice, twice per day
Wheatgrass juice, 2oz twice per day
Raw live veggies everyday for lunch and dinner, with copious amounts of sprouts
Just 15% fruit per week on Wednesday and Sunday mornings
1 day fasting each week, with fresh green coconut water at lunch time
Stillness practice (meditation, breath work etc.)
Movement practice (Tai Chi, yoga, gym, rebounding classes etc.)
Emotional wellbeing practice (meditation, journaling classes etc.)
Fun and happiness practice (latin dance classes, the live Wheatgrass band)
24/7 access to swimming, gym and infrared sauna

Imagine for a moment, what it feels like be living with these awe-inspiring health and wellness protocols. For me, I kept feeling like I wanted to pinch myself to feel it’s realness and accept that, ‘yes it was me being here in this space and time’. Needless to say nothing like this exists in the UK.

Additionally, after the first three weeks, the daily health educator classes began, with assignments, field trips, presentations, food preparation and getting to know twenty other people from twelve different countries over the following six weeks. It was a phenomenal, inspiring and a challenging journey!

We experienced the most enigmatic teachers, including Viktoras kulvinskas, Dr’s Brian and Anna Maria Clements and we learnt about enzymatic health, different aspects of holistic healing, supplemental nutrients, counselling, digestive health, the benefits of raw and living foods, organic gardening, the role of cooked food and sugar on undermining health, spiritual consciousness, tropical fruit trees, stem cell biology, environmental toxins etc. the list goes on.

Collectively, we hand lots of hands-on engagement with the various subjects and were able to grow all types of living sprouts, create international raw food dishes, review sensational health and lifestyle movies and delivered teaching in the community, as well as experiencing hurricane preparedness when hurricane Matthew threatened the coast offFlorida and West palm Beach.

Weight loss and change:
This was a health and wellness retreat of epic proportions. The luscious 55-acre surroundings with it’s stunning palm trees and other awe-inspiring foliage was the perfect environment in which to surrender to the cleansing process. In all I lost a whopping 20lbs in body weight, through gentle walking and other movement, with a completely raw diet. More importantly for me though, my brain fog and congestion completely subsided.

I learnt that change, even through cleansing, takes it’s time; that 3, 6, or 9 weeks is just a beginning. With us all being so beautifully unique, our body’s responses to a change in environment, food, routine and healing will be different depending upon our individual emotional, physiological and spiritual needs. Each of us may thrive on some aspects and struggle with others as I did.

Our internal and external adjustment to a healthier lifestyle depends so much on what we perceive that to be and how much we believe we ‘deserve’ to be well and happy; PLUS whether we a willing to grasp it. The work continues after we leave any space that has held us and kept us safe with all its resources and support.

Over the coming weeks I plan to share more with you about some of the resources I experienced and those elements which we can incorporate into our daily lives in turn, right now.

Our graduation took place on a gorgeous, sunny Florida morning as we became certified Hippocrates Health Educators, on 11th November 2016. I was privileged to have a slot on the graduation programme to talk about our ‘new beginnings’, linking it to the acknowledgement of it being a part of our ancestral journey to wholeness. My sister also flew in to support me and to witness this lovely event.

For me right now, I’m pleased to be continuing my healthy life-style journey outside of Hippocrates. I have learned more how to relax, so much so that I no longer see and experience differences in what I’m used to as undermining or as any lack of my ability to maintain a certain standard. It’s more like working with what is currently available to me, in this environment now. Any sense of personal balance has to start with my own perception of where I am and what I can achieve. So now that I am away from all the stunning resources we appreciated at HHI, I am learning to be creative and accepting.What does that mean? I think I hear you saying… Well right now,
-I am blending and straining my greens for my daily green juices, because I do not have access to a masticating juicer like home and at HHI, so it’s working out quite well for now.
-I getting acquainted with a Nutri-bullet blender, because I do not have access to a high-speed (Vitamix) blender where I’m staying.
-I went out and bought a ZERO water filter, which is important for sprouting, because I do have access to filtered-at-source drinking water like at HHI.
-I have my wonderful ‘LiveGive‘ plant-based supplements with me to support my digestion, brain function and other organs and their functions.
-I have been checking out vegan cafe’s and restaurants as I journey, enabling me to join previously unknown networks with like-minded people.
-I have been walking around the city of Atlanta discovering places that I’ve only heard of in American movies! Great physical movement practice.
-I have carried an ‘easy sprouter’ with me which I will say more about in another post.

What steps can you take today? 

Easy almond pulp cookie

1. As I have been making nut milk all week, I couldn’t bare to waste the almond pulp. I quickly mixed up some ingredients to make biscuits/cookies. No dehydrator here, so I put the oven on the lowest setting and left the oven door ajar for the air to circulate. It took a mere 14 hours, with carefully flipping the cookies half way through the drying process (before going to bed). They were ready this morning and will keep for weeks if stored in an air tight container at room temperature, (see my Sistahintheraw Facebook or Instagram pages for the recipe).

2. Omit one unhealthy habit over the coming month, like drastically reducing how much sugar you eat. Do away with cookies, sweets/candies, chocolate etc. Substitute with a little fresh fruit, carob (instead of chocolate), lots of green drinks to help you with any sugar cravings and use real stevia (instead of refined sugar).

3. It’s time for you to sSign up and stay in touch with me, so you can get my hot offers before anyone else. I’ve been working on lots of goodies for you which will be launching in soon, including on ‘how to kick your sugar habit’, healthy juicing, easy ways to get started on your raw food journey, plus coaching and wellbeing programmes/programs for you to get my support in achieving your wellbeing goals.

Programmes/programs coming soon

Right now I am feeling so blessed and I would love to continue to share these blessings with you. More coming soon.

Love, peace and Om from