My Raw Vegan weekend in Washington DC

Over the weekend I visited Washington DC for the first time. It was also my first time leaving the Hippocrates Health Institute since I arrived here back in early September.

I had a great time attending a business conference and meeting up with a good friend to go sightseeing.

Queueing at 7am for an entrance ticket. There were already 90 people queueing in front of us!

Raw Vegan in DC
I tried to plan ahead for some of my meals and wellbeing. I started with politely ‘opting out’ of the body scan routine at the airport, asking for a ‘pat down’ instead. The lady was very kind and helpful, explaining the procedure to me in detail before commencing her search of my person. Intrusive, but no problem there really.

What I took with me…
I packed a fresh organic raw meal box, (so I wouldn’t have to eat any airport/airplane food), some activated dehydrated dry nuts (because nuts and seeds that have been soaked, are better for the digestion and are healthy fats to snack on), organic plant-based protein powder (to add to water with some dried cinnamon spice in case I got hungry, or for breakfast), doTerra essential oils (OnGuard blend, frankincense and oregano for their numerous relaxing and protective properties) and an anti microbial herbal supplement for drops that can be taken in water on the airplane.

This is my first time incorporating these wellbeing measures into my travel practice.

After just a couple of hours journey away from West Palm Beach by air plane, I arrived to a chilly DC evening. Having depleted my raw food meal, I felt satiated for the evening. I was conscious though that unlike the environment where I was staying at Hippocrates, my sheets and towels would not be made from organic cotton, the curtains and carpet in my hotel room would most probably be giving off fire retardent vapours and drinking any kind of available water would be unfiltered and therefore a no no!

The only problems we ever have are to do with the quality of our thoughts! (Sistahintheraw)

Still, I was able to tune into a mind-stilling meditation practice, this helped me to create some positive energy towards this temporary situation. I prepared my protien powder drink mixed with some bottled water in the morning and a few ours later enjoyed a very small portion of hotel fresh fruit (not organic). This was followed later by a small cooked vegan lunch (80/20) and a handful of digestive enzymes.

In the evening after photos outside the White House (no I didn’t get to see Mr Obama), we visited a buzzing vegan cafe, where I had a energising green juice (kale, cucumber and ginger), followed by a raw food wrap. It was a gluten-free, cooked wrap, stuffed with a medley of chopped raw veggies in a stunning spicy sauce, with cooked sweet potato on the side. I felt so grateful to be able to get a fresh green juice at last, however I could not enjoy the cooked sweet potato because it was simply too sweet.

On viewing the menu, it was clear that many of the offerings could be considered ‘transititional’ or fun foods for those making their journey away from cooked food, towards raw plant-based vegan food.

Many of the items on the menu were based on meat meal replacements, were non-organic and included dishes like vegan fried fish, battered tofu sandwich, vegan crab cakes and vegan barbecued chicken. It may well be vegan or vegetarian, but is it really healthy for you?

This ‘transition’ type food can be a way to help people move away from consuming animal products and can maybe work for them for a long while; but eventually they may find that it can get to them where they will feel it most – in the quality of their health and wellbeing. Why? Because highly heated, cooked food has virtually no enzymatic benefit to your body. But thats going to be a story for another time…

One Love,
Sistahintheraw x

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