Getting to Grips with Raw Plant-based Clean Eating...

100% Clean, organic and raw plant-based... Join Sistahintheraw's  Love Your Body  Clean Eating

100% Clean, organic and raw plant-based... Join Sistahintheraw's Love Your Body Clean Eating

It’s simple really, imagine a long crisp leaf of iceberg lettuce, filled with a savoury sprouted grain pate, and topped with sliced radishes & cucumber, with a handful of chia sprouts and perhaps a couple of slices of avocado, or maybe your favourite creamy raw dressing! Yes, you’ve got it!

That’s it, there’s no meat, no fish, wheat, gluten, dairy or genetically modified (gmo) food. This is the raw food model of clean eating, it’s about eating green, non-processed, natural, freshly made, organic, plant-based, raw, living, 'real' whole vegan food.

A plant-based diet is one that consists of foods that come from plants. Food in its original, fresh, ripe, raw and unadulterated state contains naturally occurring enzymes which aid in digestion.

For most people on the planet, our first experience of raw living foods was provided through our mother’s milk. The immeasurable health value of breast milk is because it is a “human-specific” pre-digested food, designed especially to nourish our young.

Some groups may want to convince you that raw clean eating is a fad diet, but they probably know very little about it and may be either mis-informed or even uninformed. There are numerous testimonials and scientific studies clearly outlining the benefits to be gained from making the choice for plant-based veganism!

The most important thing to note about eating clean, raw, plant-based vegan food, is that it is a way of life and NOT a diet!

It’s important to know that cooking (heating) denatures food. Lifegiving and healing nutrients are heat sensitive. On average, the cooking process destroys 50% of the minerals and fiber, 75% of the protein and vitamins and 100% of the hormones, oxygen, phytonutrients and enzymes in food. Cooking also renders food toxic by creating free radicals through a process call glycation.

As long as you eat a diverse range of raw plant-based whole foods, you will be able cover most your nutritional bases.

If you have experienced regular bloating, gas, digestive discomfort, constipation, irritability, allergies etc. clean eating can help you with these health symptoms as they have for me.
I have found that in following a clean, raw, plant-based diet, there has been a great improvement with my digestive issues, resulting in my increased energy levels and which has of course contributed to a more positive mind-set. Raw plant-based foods also help to alkalise the body, reduce acidity and have less chance of fermenting in the gut and causing inflammation or other related autoimmune reactions.

The best “nourishment creates strength and the more aware we are of our own nutritional needs, the stronger we will become.

When your are beginning the raw plant-based food lifestyle yo,u may be wondering where your essential nutrients will come from.

Importantly, in order to properly nourish your body, you will need to create meals from scratch, while eliminating inflammatory foods, like refined salt and sugar, alcohol, processed food, bread and canned food. This is a preventative approach to health and wellbeing. Raw plant-based food diets mostly supply more nutrients because they supply some nutrients and proteins very simply and easily. You can eat more raw plant-based foods in a balanced way by following these simple steps (below). In addition, raw plant-based food diets sometimes include a few lightly cooked veggies.

It is essential to eat a richly diverse, clean, raw plant-based diet that include:

  • probiotic foods
  • sea vegetables
  • fermented foods
  • sprouted seed and grains
  • soaked nuts and seeds
  • organic fruit and vegetables
  • cold-pressed juices
  • cold-pressed oils
  • healthy fats
  • herbs and spices

These foods will provide you with most of the essential nutrients your body needs, like protein, calcium, minerals, vitamins and ........... At each meal, plan around a large main salad, a small amount of lightly cooked veggies can also be added if required.

Some time ago, it was believed that vitamin B12 supplements were essential for old people, but new studies have shown that they are essential for every age group. You should therefore add a good quality, non-syntheic vitamin B12 suppliment to your clean eating dietary strategy.

Raw fruits and vegetables can be hard to digest for some people lacking certain enzymes or digestive capabilities and because they’re high fiber diets. If this is the case for you, try adding probiotics and digestive enzymes supplements to your diet to support this process. Essentially, it is also important to thoroughly chew your food before swallowing to support your digestive process more fully.

Simple Tips to Apply at Home
Use these tips to introduce your family to the power of a raw, whole, plant-based food diet:

  • Clean out your kitchen of anything that is in a bottle, can, bag, box, or jar that does not have to be refrigerated. 
  • Read the labels, any food products that have artificial preservatives added, and has a long expiration date should also go, along with any animal products, junk food, processed food, soda, sweets, coffee, cooked food, sweets/candy, biscuits/cookies etc. These are inflammatory foods.
  • Learn how to make delicious raw vegan recipes. You can attend local classes, or you can try out the recipes in Sistahintheraw’s free downloads, on the website or in the Love Your Body Clean Eating programme.
  • Based upon the new raw vegan recipes you like the best and want to practice more, stock up your larder and refrigerator with fresh, whole, ripe, raw, organic produce, nuts, seeds, and herbs.
  • Drink plenty of clean water, along green juice and wheatgrass daily: see my Creating Wellness One Green Juice at a Time blog.
  • Implement proper food combining: Combining foods properly is key for optimal health and aids in digestion. 
  • Share a big, fresh salad as the “main course” of every meal. Learn how to make delicious, healthy homemade salad dressings from my recipe e-books.
  • Learn how to grow your own sprouts at home! It is easy, economical, and fun! Kids love to get involved in sprouting. And, you are feeding yourself and your family the most nutritious food on the planet.

One last point, take your time and don't rush into change, some studies have shown that it can be challenging to maintain lifestyle changes without adapting the foundation needed to make an on-going commitment to them. 

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