11 Tips to Stay Warm on Raw


Depending on where you are in the world, facing a raw food lifestyle in autumn and winter can at times appear daunting and understandably so…

However although it’s one thing to be a raw foodist in the Caribbean and warmer parts of the globe, it’s quite another thing to be raw in the UK where I currently reside. In some communities, the tradition of using warming herbs and spices in food preparation has been around for a long time and this is one way to approach feeding your inner body fire; and for keeping your blood circulation in check in the colder weather.

We can cultivate or transfer these skills to our raw food lifestyle to achieve an acceptable balance for remaining comfortable and raw as the weather turns more chilly.

My 'raw in winter' food classes have always proved to be a great success, with group members learning about recipes that can help them to incorporate warming foods into their raw food menu on a daily basis. Warming herbs and spices help warm you from the inside and can make all the difference to your sticking to your clean and healthy eating raw food goals. 

Great nutrition is only part of the story, you’ve got to get moving physically too. I usually also provide a group with a useful list of 15 Sistahintheraw-Winter-Raw-Food-basic’s tips; here are a few examples:

1:  Eat Warm Food, Not Cold Food. Raw food doesn’t mean cold food. Don’t use food straight from the fridge if possible. Take out what you're going to use in good time and leave to reach room temperature before preparing your dishes, or pop into the dehydrator for a short while to bring up to room temperature.

2: Ensure that you undertake some kind of body movement everyday, like walking, yoga, cycling etc. This will get your blood circulation moving, helping to warm you up from the inside. 

3: Try delicious recipes like ‘escovitch’ vegetables or spicy raw soups, which can contribute to a delicious feast with family and friends.

4: Gently 'warm' your soups and pour into pre-warmed soup bowls to take the chill off if necessary. You can also warm up your plates.

5: If you get really cold you can also have steamed seasonal veggies, or have buckwheat or amaranth porridge for breakfast.

6: Use warming ingredients in your sauces, see https://www.sistahintheraw.com/raw-soul-food-blog/2017/9/8/spiced-up-raw-cuisine

7: It's easy to warm up with herbal teas throughout your daily routine.

8: Take a sauna: infra-red saunas help to pull toxins and helps your body detoxify harmful chemicals while increasing lymphatic flow. 

9: Add daily wheatgrass shots to your daily routine for vital nutrients and to boost your immune system. A strong immune system fights off viruses, heals wounds, keeps you awake and alert, and attacks anything trying to harm the body.

10: Add dehydrated recipes to you menu that are warm when ready to eat.

11: Try winter squash recipes with warming pumpkin spices for raw dehydrated pies, soups and chai tea.

The most important thing to remember is that there's no need to suffer or to feel deprived during the colder months. Do the best you can to stay on track, knowing that these tips will be  very useful in achieving that goal.

Source: HHI

Source: HHI

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