Feed Your Morning with Gratitude

Start cultivating new daily habits that are good for your health!


It’s a healthy lifestyle thing! Morning rituals not only prepare you for the day ahead, they can energise your intentions, motivation and productivity. Including gratitude as part of your morning ritual has many benefits for your wellbeing. We all know that our mindset can have a huge impact on our attitudes to life and therefore our happiness, wellness and successes. Being thankful can help us to dispel any notions of negativity (resentment, envy, regret, jealousy, anger), emotions that can affect our sense of self-worth and place in the world.

Feeling gratitude enables us to focus more on the positive aspects of our lives, by freeing up space to be more in the moment and appreciate the value of the positive steps we have made now. When we notice our positive accomplishments more often, we can celebrate the energy of pleasure that goes along with our thankfulness for them.

Mix it up each morning - make your mornings a combination of gratitude practices, keep a gratitude journal (keep it within easy reach), make time to sit with the feeling of gratitude (on the bus, train etc.), sing songs of gratitude in the shower, relish your breakfast preparations (large or small) and give thanks for the opportunity to nourish your body, say a daily gratitude prayer, and eat breakfast slowly with gratitude.

According to Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., (the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude), gratitude provides us with a range of benefits:

• Stronger immune systems
• Less bothered by aches and pains
• Lower blood pressure
• Exercise more and take better care of their health
• Sleep longer and feel more refreshed upon waking

• Higher levels of positive emotions
• More alert, alive, and awake
• More joy and pleasure
• More optimism and happiness

• More helpful, generous, and compassionate
• More forgiving
• More outgoing
• Feel less lonely and isolated.

Plus according to another study (see references below), practicing gratitude can also facilitate healthy eating for some people.

So you can see how Including gratitude in your morning ritual routines can set you up positively for the day ahead. It will also support your commitment to a healthier raw plant-based lifestyle, that feeds and nourishes you’re entire wellbeing and promotes more happiness.

One Love always,

Sistahintheraw ❤️