Plant New Seeds of Health In Spring


Spring is an excellent time to extend your health and wellbeing plans in preparation for the coming months of summer. With each seasonal change, your health vibration needs to adjust to stay in rhythm with the newly emerging energies around you, from more light, the longer days, spring blossoms and spring fruit and vegetables; but we need to do our bit to support our minds and bodies to stay in synch. Think of it as looking after the garden that is your daily life, which needs constant tending with your loving attention to feed, weed and replant as necessary. 

For instance, lets consider supplements; do we need to take them? Why should someone who is eating a healthy balanced vegan diet even need to? Well in the course of my work, I have learnt that when we are consuming the best quality organic diet, we shouldn’t generally need to take supplements except for just two supplements that many of us may need in the form of vitamin B-12 and vitamin D, especially if we live in urban environments. And its not only vegans that need to take these supplements either, since these vitamins are not produced by our body.

Vitamin D is also called the sunshine vitamin since it’s a hormone made by the direct action of the suns rays on our skin. If we do not get enough exposure to the sun (at least 20 minutes daily), we are likely to become deficient. However both a deficiency and excess of vitamin D can cause health problems, so its best to get your levels checked so you know the level of supplementation required and do not over supplement. Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and other vital functions like sleep and mood, skin and immune health. So that’s something you can schedule in along side your healthy, balanced diet.

Spring is also thought of as time to spring clean and many people use this time for an annual or bi-annual cleansing of your body. There are different levels and types of internal cleansing which you can observe, and this is my gentle invitation to you about a few ways you can prepare and get started.

1. Try a gentle restorative detox or cleanse - check out my two cleansing programmes at Try to bring a positive mindset to this choice by seeing it as an opportunity to free your body of any cumbersome toxins, rather than as a restrictive pursuit. Be positive about your preparation for cleansing, consider the health benefits (explained in full in each programme) for improving your energy and overall health, and importantly, be gentle with yourself by not self-chastising for not being perfect.

2. Release and write – I’m a firm believer in the empowering practice of journaling. Create space in your life to let go by writing out any insights, experiences, fears, pains and emotions that you may be carrying around with you unnecessarily. You may find, as I often do, that further helpful insights arise from this process, casting a new light on the things written and deeper clarity and understanding on what you have shared with your notebook. A good question you could start with asking yourself is: “What’s something healthy that I did for myself today, that felt really good?”. Make it a regular habit if you can, the more you undertake writing about your emotions and experience’s etc. the easier it will become and the more you will be able to release.

3. Consider stress relief –  although experiencing stress is normal part of life, too much stress can result in anxiety, overeating and metabolic changes and can also play a big part in digestive problems. Trying a new exercise routine can help to relax your mind and body, allowing for conscious breathing when done properly. Join a class if it feels like too much to expect of yourself to do it on your own. A thirty minute walk helps strengthen bones, increases circulation and improves heart rhythms, while breathing exercises help to strengthen the respiratory system and increase oxygen to the brain. Breathing exercises can also reduce lethargy, anxiety and brain fog, its easy to stop whatever your doing and focus on your breath for a few moments, which can be extremely calming.

4. Take a holiday from continuous stimulation – we all know how addictive technology can be, so its a good idea to try minimising the time you spend on social media, on your phone, on headphones, tablet, TV and computers etc. Instead of carrying your phone around everywhere with you, leave it stationary in another room and check on it once every hour or so for messages. Use the extra time differently to engage in joyful pursuits like being outdoors in nature, meditation or singing while you do some housework!

5. Go on retreat or vacation - This has got to best way to step away everything from your normal daily life in order to recharge and rejuvenate. Scientific evidence shows that taking a holiday and a detox results in: strong and immediate impact on molecular networks associated with stress and immune function; makes you more resilient in the face of stress and more productive and engaged at work; being exposed to new and different experiences can actually boost your creativity! You’ll be able to gather your thoughts and return with more clarity and creativity to drive through to the life goals you’ve committed to.

You can boost the benefits from these tips by ‘sowing’ them into your daily self-gardening, self-care or wellbeing routine; they will add to your sense of achievement by elevating the commitment you have made to yourself to live a healthier, happier life. Remember that the secret to life long-term health, is to listen to your body and let it take care of you. As these protocols take root and grow, so too will the strength of your resolve towards your personal health and wellbeing excellence.

One Love,
Sistahintheraw x


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