Working Snacks...

Healthy snacks while working can help keep you focused and productive…

Healthy snacks at work

Healthy snacks at work

From a mindset perspective, I always feel much more on top of my game when I know that I can stay hydrated and not feel hungry! I will have already covered these needs by having available the snacks that will help me stay focused, productive and energised!

Whether I’m working off-site, at home or in the office, this is an essential component of my daily work and self-care plan. If you’re like me, I can really craggy if I’m hungry, and worse if I have stop what I’m doing to run out to the nearest shop and grab a snack to eat.

I take the same approach to work meetings too, instead of having energy draining cookies on display, I’ll opt for brain boosting goodies like nuts, seeds and fruit. My choices include brain boosting selections, containing healthy fats and iron for healthy blood flow (nuts, seed, avocado, greens), and antioxidants for maximum cognitive ability (berries, fruit and vegetables).

Here’s my list of 16 simple portable snacks…select from it depending on your level of need because some are more filling than others. Remember to that it’s important to choose healthier snacks because they will provide your body with the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, fluid and fiber) it needs to support your tasks throughout the day.

This a great list:

-A whole fruit like a banana or apple (the easiest option), maybe select a fruit that’s not too time consuming to peel.

-Handful of nuts walnuts, almonds (soaked over night home)

-Baked (dehydrated is better) veggie chips like zucchini (courgette) or sweet potato

-Green smoothie with added green superfood like avocado and chlorella

-Green juice

-Small berry fruit salad

-Sliced veggies with a dip, nut or seed butter

-Glass of water

-Herbal tea

-Dried fruit (a tablespoon)

-Granola pot

-Coconut yogurt (non-dairy) with added berries, sliced fruit and seeds

-Homemade energy balls

-Protein or Cacao shake using protein rich ingredients

-Pumpkin seeds (soaked)

-Crispy Seaweed squares with a dip

It’s cheaper if you prepare as much as possible at home, place in containers or ziplock bags. You can make a green smoothie or protein milk shake in the morning and place in the fridge at work until you’re ready for it.

Use this list of tasty, easy-to-make snack options, to create a healthy diet whether you’re working or not.

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