Self-care - Your Weekend Wind-Down

Is your life filled with structure?

It's time to get in your 'must's' and forget the 'should's'! You must make time to wind down on a regular basis, to promote good health and to connect with your internal passion and joy, so that you can connect with your creativity and expand your life vision. Time to relax!

It's July! It's my favourite month of the year, why? I love July because it's in summer and its my birthday month. When I was a girl my birthday always came around in the school summer holidays, a time when I wasn't around my friends, however the sunshine and freedom away from school filled me with a sense of aliveness, which is a gift I feel to this day. 

During July I celebrate my birthday for the whole month, with lots of little joy filled moments, just because I deserve to celebrate myself in a kind and loving way. Like many women, I have struggled with balancing my own needs with the needs of those around me, so when I decided to make my wellbeing needs my #1 priority, my whole life transformed into a more purposeful, self-determined presence, that has become an on-going journey of self-discovery, freedom and joy.

I know now that sometimes it just takes a few little tweaks to your daily activities to incorporate self-care strategies, like perhaps a 1-minute meditation, or stretching in the mornings etc. So here's an invitation for you to embrace some all important self-care love over the weekend.

As a special gift from me, I've created a free Weekend Wind-Down Guide as a pdf for you to try out over a weekend. It's the launch of the monthly Sistahintheraw Free Friday promotion, this one is available for sign up until the 9th July...

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One Love

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