Birthday Edition - Living the Whispers of Your Heart

It's my 59th birthday on Monday 24th July and I have had a most phenomenal past year, exploring the world from the guidance that comes from within the whispers of my heart.
In the past year alone I've achieved awakening several of my dreams, I feel more happy and alive and look forward to ever deepening happiness and fulfilment. 

Travel, food and spirituality are my guiding light, the things I truly love to engage my mind, body and spirit with. During the year I have visited several islands, continents, cities and towns which are bathed in sumptuous golden sunshine, because I definitely love most things tropical! For me, that also applies to food. Food is one of our universal sources of life-sustaining nourishment, but only when if it's food that has not been artificially processed and maintains it's fresh natural life force energy. 

I have been fortunate to transform my internal self image into the lifestyle path I have dreamt of. Several years ago when I decided to make my holistic health my number one mission, things in my life started to shift and align more strategically to support that desire in such a way as to begin to make that dream come into being more of a reality. Through creating a healthy lifestyle that is holistically focused, food and spirituality have become a gorgeously combined ministry. It has not always been clear to me when an opportunity for growth and expansion is staring me in the face, but I have a lived belief that everything happens for a purpose, so I make time to find the hidden guidance and to learn how to read it's signals! I have also learnt that it is important to trust in the uncertainty that often comes before any great change occurs, it's just part of the process.

“When you face your fear, most of the time you will discover that it was not really such a big threat after all. We all need some form of deeply rooted, powerful motivation — it empowers us to overcome obstacles so we can live our dreams.” – Les Brown

Like many of you, I have sometimes been fearful about making 'good enough' life decisions, but my spiritual path, self-honesty and personal growth have revealed the beauty that is afforded when healing and humanitarianism take the central focus in your life. Emotional, spiritual and physical healing processes is an art that takes time, practice and a lot of self-love. I love the gift of life and spirit that has evolved through the on-going healing processes I have chosen...and I try to live my life according to those values. I am at my very best when sharing with and supporting others on their wellbeing journey too; plus of course exploring the world of health through raw, plant-based whole food (smile); that's why I also love the Zen Buddhist saying i the picture above. The Les Brown quote then reminds us that there is a purpose to fear if we can allow ourselves to see and feel it.

I guess what I'm sharing is about committing to living your best life possible, no matter what restrictions you may encounter. Your best life comes from the spirit within you, not from the outside and remember also, no matter what, YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

Have you ever celebrated yourself on your own birthday? I don't always plan a celebration for my birthday unless its a big one (30, 40, 50 years etc.), but I like to enjoy a celebratory atmosphere for the whole month of July, by making time to include lots more smaller joyful experiences in my schedule, like spending less time working and more time doing what I love with family and friends, sometimes I even crave some excitement, so I go dancing. I also evaluate the previous year's achievements in order to set a few new goals for the coming year. My mum always used to remark "If my life spare" meaning that if I live long enough from this point on, as a positive reminder to live in the present and not take the future for granted.

Whatever you decide to do on your birthday, whatever your plans, (or none), it can be helpful to be open to new ideas. Here are 7 low key, easy suggestions you could use to enjoy a healthy birthday. You could even create a birthday vision board to plan out the elements of your preferred day or delegate to someone you trust to plan your birthday activities!

7 Easy Ways to have a Soulful Birthday

  1. Create a day of indulgent joy and comfort with people who will reflect that joy back to you, let joy be your compass
  2. Prepare a birthday self-care ritual (or have one prepared for you)
  3. Go for health building food and drink options to nourish your body
  4. Go on an outing to somewhere you've always wanted to visit, (I have a long list), take a gorgeous picnic
  5. Try a simple easy chill out and go see a new performance, movie or play (I'm going for comedy next week, looking forward to laughing, going to see 'Girls Trip'), I love going to the movies during the day on my own...
  6. Learn something useful and raw health promoting, like how to germinate and sprout or activate grains, seeds, legumes and nuts
  7. Go to a retreat, beauty parlour or spa for a total make-over, relaxation and rejuvenation

This year I'm going for low key, so Do celebrate my birthday with me on Monday 24th if you can, I'd love to hear from you. You can check out my birthday smoothie in the recipe pages too.

Also I'd love to receive a virtual hug or birthday message. Even better though, please make and send me a quick one-minute selfie video sharing what you like most about what I do as Sistahintheraw.... that would be so cool!

Wishing you One Love always
Sistahintheraw x

"I for one wish you a long and healthy life. You have created so much good, so much energy around healthy eating and healthy food! Bravo to you!" -Facebook 24th July 2017

Arriving in Mozambique

Arriving in Mozambique

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A Jamaican Vegan Encounter...

I call this one © 'Fruit Seller'!

I call this one © 'Fruit Seller'!

I'm still cooing after my recent Jamaican experience! It's my second trip in a year and at a different time of year. My trip was spent in Kingston and for this visit I booked a lovely Airbnb instead of a hotel, a more relaxed choice for me and much cheaper.

The last time I stayed in Kingston for any length of time was over twenty years ago, long before I became aware of raw food or knew about veganism. Needless to say raw wasn't a big thing back then either, although vegan Ital food has been around in Jamaica for a very long time in the Rastafarian tradition. Imagine how thrilled I was to discover that there two vegan cafe's minutes from where I was staying, Natural Touch at and New Leaf at Lane Plaza, not to mention my discovery of others spread throughout the city. Sadly I wasn't able to visit them all this time around (I plan to visit again soon), but my other favourite place for totally raw food was 'Mi Hungry' in Marketplace, located just behind Usain Bolt's restaurant. Juices are available everywhere, fresh coconut water from roadside vendors and from juice cafes. I saw a couple of interesting juice places at Devon House.

The best part of the experience though, was the two mango trees in the garden, which provided a daily harvest of the sweetest, most juicy mangos I've ever tasted; plus all the other fruit that is now in season. This time around, I had the pleasure of sampling fruit and vegan dishes I've never encountered before, I'm telling you, I was literally in raw soul food heaven, (smile).

In the photo above, you can see otaheite apples (Jamaican apples) which I bought a bag of in the market, and apart from consuming copious amounts of ripe mangos' (as opposed to the un-ripened varieties we get in the UK), I also happily tried out star apple and hog plums; along with enjoying super fresh jelly coconut water.

I loved the completely raw 'nyam burger' and fresh juices from Mi Hungry, the pizza made from a bammy (fermented cassava) base, topped with ackee and veggies from New Leaf and the most filling power protein smoothie with sea moss and flax, that I've ever had from Natural Touch.

And I just happened to bump into the famous Tarus Riey, reggae super star on his lunch break one afternoon in New Leaf!

It may not seem like a spectacular experience to those for whom living on a beautiful tropical island is the norm, but for me born and raised in London, where the tropical fruit we can access is mostly harvested while un-ripened and is therefore often bland, this kind of experience is definitely spectacular for me. 

I have been so inspired from all my journeys during the past year, that a prolific stream of raw soul food recipes are just streaming into my consciousness, so you know that I'll be in the kitchen re-creating them, right? You can grab a few of my latest recipes creations, inspired by my trips to Jamaica and India in the food section of this website.

So these photo's show a coconut vendor, my star apple, otaheite and mango breakfast, running into reggae star Tarus Riley in New Leaf and last, my delicious nyam burger from Mi Hungry.

Go raw and tap into the power of maximum nourishment!
— Sistahintheraw

Hope you've enjoyed my sharing about my foodie trip to Jamaica.

Sending you big Caribbean hugs
One Love
Sistahintheraw x