All About Plantain

Although traditionally plantain is prepared by cooking (boiling, frying, baking etc); actually you can eat plantain raw. I must admit that I was dubious at first, but at the moment its a staple part of my diet.

You can slice it and dress with your favorite raw dressing, or season it with fresh herbs and mix it with green/spring onions, sweet peppers etc. I like to eat it with organic unpasturised cheese (not if you’re vegan) and raw hot pepper sauce on a green salad; or with a raw walnut pate. I find that the combination of sweet and savoury is very complimentary.

Here are some other things to consider about eating raw plantain:

  • It's best to eat all fruit when they are properly ripened, which means that plantain is therefore quite gorgeously sweet when ripe. For some individuals with certain health challenges this may not be a wise choice.
  • Green plantains are not ripened or fully grown, and therefore do not carry their potential full spectrum of nutrients.

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