Tigernut Milk

Tiger nuts, also known as ‘nut grass’,  ‘earth almond’, 'yellow nut grass', 'rush nut, and the 'florida almond', are actually tubers not nuts, they are small root vegetables, part of the tuber family originating from northern Africa and the Mediterranean. They are little nuts of goodness that have a high nutritional value.

They are full of anti-inflammatory fat and high in fibre, a source of Vitamins C and E, and minerals such as Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus and Magnesium. Tiger nuts are also amazing for gut health too, as one of the best source of resistant starch, which acts as a prebiotic in the gut.

Tiger nuts are suitable for all types of diet and a great substitute for dairy milk; and because they are so rich in vitamin E and C, tiger nuts can help to combat hypertension and bad cholesterol. In addition, being an easily digestible food, it’s completely suitable for lactose intolerance and helps to prevent cardiovascular problems. 

Tiger nuts are quite sweet, they are a popular snack in West Africa. The oil made from tiger nuts is high (82%) in unsaturated fatty acids and was first used by the Egyptians 4000 years ago in preference to olive oil. The oil is golden brown in colour and has a rich, nutty taste.

Tiger nut milk, is called Kunnu Aya in parts of Nigeria and Horchata de Chufa in Spain. It is naturally sweet, creamy and offers a luxurious, rich and nutty flavor.

To make tiger nut milk, just soak overnight to re-hydarte the nuts and blend with water. Then strain the blend through muslin or a nut milk bag and it's ready to serve. Some like to add a touch of agave (but its sweet anyway) and a pinch of cinnamon before serving. Either way, it’s delicious.

1 cup of tiger nuts, soaked and drained
2-3 cups clean filtered water

pinch salt
pinch cinnamon or other spice
1 tsp agave

Blend nuts with water, then strain the blend through muslin or a nut milk bag and it's ready to serve.

When storing your tiger nut milk you will notice a thick residue or sediment. Don’t panic! This is normal and its full of great stuff for your gut. Just stir or shake the container to mix it back in before drinking. Tiger nut milk will keep for 2- 3 days in a fridge.

Tigernuts readily available in health food stores and online. You can create other nut or seed milks, by using the same basic ratio of nut or seeds to water. Adjust (more or less water) according to the creaminess of consistency you prefer.

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