Golden Berry Breakfast Pot

Sistahintheraw's summer golden berry breakfast pot

Sistahintheraw's summer golden berry breakfast pot


Morning creativity in the kitchen to create a delicious jar of edible art!

In this gorgeous 19th Century antique French jam jar, I’ve soaked gluten free oats, chia seeds, baobab fruit powder, ground flax meal & dried fruit, overnight in tigernut milk and left to stand in the refrigerator.

Then I’ve layered on some coconut yogurt and fresh fruit, topped off with a sprinkle of cinnamon powder, coconut sprinkles and physalis fruit (also known as golden berries). The yogurt adds some a lovely creaminess to the mouth feel.

Golden berries are high in protein and vitamin A and they’re much lower in sugar. They’re also loaded with antioxidants. Phytochemical screening has revealed an abundance of flavonoids as well. Flavonoids are specific antioxidants that promote cardiovascular health and other benefits.There is also some research suggesting the fatty acids' effectiveness for promoting good health in general. They are popular in Colombia and South Africa.

You can use any available dried fruit to soak overnight, this gives the pot added sweetness if necessary, or can be omitted altogether. Use whatever fresh fruit you have available. I used sliced physalis and pears. You can also try ground nutmeg instead of cinnamon.


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Mango Coconut (Birthday) Smoothie

I feel so fortunate to have been born on 24th July, its nearly always sunny and it's also in the holiday season. I'm definitely a committed sunshine person, with a Leo lioness heart. My love of summer tropical fruit gave creation to this special, delicious summer smoothie to celebrate my birthday... You can also add freshly made coconut water, almond milk or sunflower seed milk to this recipe if you desire more fluidity.

I'm inviting you to share my birthday with me on Monday. Lets have some healthy smoothie fun together, why not create your own special smoothie and share it with me? I'd love to hear about your recipe...

You can message your recipe creation to me below in the comments section, on Facebook, or tag me on Twitter (@sistahintheraw). I'll choose three smoothie recipes from the ones posted to receive a surprise FREE gift from me.

Have a fab weekend.
One Love birthday vibes from
Sistahintheraw x

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Jamaican Sunrise Smoothie

Sistahintheraw's Jamaican Sunrise Smoothie

Sistahintheraw's Jamaican Sunrise Smoothie

I'm in the Jamaican sun again, this time I'm staying in the city of Kingston. Loving my usual pastimes - family & friends, exploring ever more raw food, arts and culture.

The sunrise is so spectacular anywhere on earth and I love the promise it conveys for the start of a new day! This morning instead of the usual solo coconut water, I decided to create a new smoothie, which is vibrant with its superfood energy. 

So here you are, play with it and enjoy the sunrise wherever you are.

One Love,
Sistahintheraw x



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To Celebrate my travels, look out for my new 'Raw Soul Food World Kitchen' recipe ebook coming to you soon.