Eat Raw for a Healthy Gut


Eat Raw for a Healthy Gut


A do-it-yourself programme, with immediate sign up.


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Maintaining gut health and alleviating related symptoms is not easy, as there are many factors that can cause a gut imbalance.

This is a 3-day programme to help reset your gut health journey and to get your gastrointestinal system functioning.

This raw plant-based food programme includes all instructions, FAQs, suggestions, food lists, recipes, menu planner and a workbook to fill in. 

This is a great place to begin on the road to digestive wellness.

This is such great guidance from a wonderful teacher who
healed herself with wheatgrass therapy.

What if you had a simple plan to get the junk food
 out of your diet and the healthy food in, even if your schedule is packed?

Get ready to make it happen with the
3-Day Eat Raw
for a Healthy Gut!

Eat Raw for a Healthy Gut
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Hey friend!

I bet you have tons of info about gut friendly eating already.
And how often are the clean eating snacks for work, the eight glasses of water per day or the healthy recipe prep totally forgotten?

Well here’s an easy plan to make it all happen for you.

The 3 Eat Raw for a Healthy Gut Programme comes with EVERYTHING you need to reset your gut healthy eating routine, regardless of how much time you DON’T really have.

When you sign up for this 3-Day programme, you get:


This is NO WORRYING, NO WONDERING on this plan for Healthy Gut clean eating.

You can reduce unwanted symptoms of bloating, cramps, heartburn etc.
and start to heal your gut. 

Make it happen and feel amazing even if you:
  •Work a corporate 9-5
     •Are raising a family of five
     •Put in a 14 hour day
 •Live the crazy life of a solo-entrepreneur
 •Or simply don’t have enough hours in the day

The 3-Day Raw Food for a Healthy Gut
Do-it-yourself Programme
will show you how!

Eat Raw for a Healthy Gut
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Once you have signed up look out for an email confirmation and your downloads. If this is not in your inbox please check your spam folders. Any further issues please contact us at:

REFUND POLICY: We have every confidence that this product will far exceed your expectations and that it's value is many times over your investment. Because you receive everything that's promised immediately upon joining this program, and because we know the quality of what's on offer, in order to prevent abuse of our system, we do not offer a refund on this programme. For this reason, when you sign up, it must be with the understanding that no refund will be given, and that you are happy to join the programme on that understanding. If you have any questions, please do email us at: