Love Your Body Clean and Healthy Programme


Love Your Body Clean and Healthy Programme



A do-it-yourself programme, with immediate sign up.

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Are you ready to finally get on track with eating healthy raw soul food
(and actually stay there)?

We all know what clean eating is all about. But actually doing it?
That’s another story.

What if you had a simple plan to get the junk food out
and the healthy food in,
even if your schedule is packed?

Get ready to make it happen with the

5-Day Love Your Body Clean & Healthy Challenge!

Hey friend!

I know you have tons of info about healthy eating already. But how often are the clean snacks for work, the eight glasses of water per day, or the healthy recipe prep totally forgotten?

What you need is a plan to make it happen.

The 5-Day Love Your Body Clean & Healthy Challenge comes with everything you need to jump-start your healthy eating routine, regardless of how much time you DON’T have.

When you sign up for this juicy challenge, you get:

·      My 25-page e-guide loaded with tips for clean eating & a healthy mindset VALUE $45

    16 delicious, easy to prepare recipes you and your family will LOVE VALUE $25

   A detailed shopping list to save you tons of time at the store VALUE $10

   A 5-day suggested meal guide for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
so you don’t have to wonder what to prepare VALUE $10

    My Daily Clean Eating AND Clean Eating On the Go Checklists,
to print out and post on the fridge or in the office so you can stay on track! 

Daily inspirsational emails to support your journey

This is a NO WORRYING, NO WONDERING plan for healthy clean eating when you have no time.

You can make healthy eating happen and feel amazing even if you:

·      Work a corporate 9-5

·      Are raising a family of five

·      Pull 14 hour days

·      Live the crazy life of a solo-entrepreneur

·      Or simply don’t have enough hours in the day

This is what people are saying about the last challenge:

"A very good week of learning that I CAN eat raw and healthy every day! I feel more energetic and I have really enjoyed trying the recipes. I'm not getting hungry as often, as this food has really been satisfying and a delight for my taste buds. I've enjoyed the interactions with everyone here. And, I've really appreciated the photos from Sistahintheraw and those encouraging videos. Thanks so much!"

"I have lost 2 pounds this week, it feels great! I am such a meat eater so this has been a challenge for me to be eating raw and vegetarian. It has been a challenge I will keep trying to eating healthier. Thank you so much for doing this challenge and for your tips and recipes."

"Well I have to say...I have had the most amazing week doing the Clean and Healthy 5 Day Challenge!!! The feel good factor is out of this world with my energy levels to match lol😂... The smoothies were to die for and due to the nature of work..although I did not do fully raw there..I did a light steam at work... I must say...I loved every minute of it and I will definitely carry on in this same vein...
I also incorporated using essential oils into the week...And yes..I have lost some weight too..not to mention my usually up and down High blood pressure has remained the same whether Am or Pm.. So ladies..I hope you have had an equally good experience with yours...I'd love to hear what happened for you... and a very Big Thank you to you Sistahintheraw for giving us another very well thought out plan to follow and discover new tastes etc without easy to follow and keep up with xxx" 
- M T

What are the requirements?
This is course is great for those who are interested in or are new to raw plant-based food, fasting and clean eating and great for those at other levels who want to re-connect with their wellbeing journey through a raw food lifestyle. The only requirement for this programme is the desire to explore raw food lifestyle protocols and experience greater health, happiness, and peace of mind. 

What am I going to get from this course?
Explore the purpose of a Raw Soul Food lifestyle and discover simple ways to create healthy habits.
Gain insight into how a raw food lifestyle benefits your health and well-being.
Develop an easy, consistent approach to your new wellbeing lifestyle.
Experience expanded awareness of your true, unbounded self.

Who is this for?
Anyone who wants to learn how to prepare delicious, energising and easy raw plant-based dishes and/or juices
Anyone who wants to discover the physical and emotional health benefits of a holistic raw plant-based food lifestyle
Anyone who wants to reduce stress, feel calm and grounded, and connect to their true self
Anyone who enjoys learning with an experienced and renowned teacher

While this course provides valuable insights and information to raw fooders, with a range of experience, it is intended for beginning raw fooders rather than advanced practitioners.


Once you have signed up look out for an email confirmation and your downloads. If this is not in your inbox please check your spam folders. Any further issues please contact us at:

REFUND POLICY: We have every confidence that this product will far exceed your expectations and that it's value is many times over your investment. Because you receive everything that's promised immediately upon joining this program, and because we know the quality of what's on offer, in order to prevent abuse of our system, we do not offer a refund on this programme. For this reason, when you sign up, it must be with the understanding that no refund will be given, and that you are happy to join the programme on that understanding. If you have any questions, please do email us at: