Sistahintheraw Programme Bundle - Ends 31 July 2019


Sistahintheraw Programme Bundle - Ends 31 July 2019

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All the Sistahintheraw programmes for 50% off!
Ends 31 July 2019!

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Total cost is usually $175.00. Bundle cost is $87.50

Sale Ends 31 July 2019!

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24 Simple Cleanse
Normally $15.00

A do-it-yourself programme, with immediate sign-up.
Life is full of possibilities and this mini cleanse programme will get you ready for deeper explorations

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Sistahintheraw Juice Club
Normally $24.00

Are you ready to step up your juicing skills, fast for longer and feel the amazing wellness benefits? Then join Sistahintheraw's Juice Club 3-Day Healthy Juice Fast.
You will receive everything you need to get started and online support so that you can stay on track and focus on achievable actions rather than huge steps.
Gain access to Sistahintheraw's exclusive private Juice Club Facebook group.

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Love Your Body
Normally $57.00

Explore the purpose of a Raw Soul Food lifestyle and discover simple ways to create healthy habits.
Gain insight into how a raw food lifestyle benefits your health and well-being.
Develop an easy, consistent approach to your new wellbeing lifestyle.
Experience expanded awareness of your true, unbounded self.

Eat Raw for a Healthy Gut Cover.jpg

Eat Raw For Your Gut

Maintaining gut health and alleviating related symptoms is not easy, as there are many factors that can cause a gut imbalance.
This is a 3-day programme to help reset your gut health journey and to get your gastrointestinal system functioning.
This raw plant-based food programme includes all instructions, FAQs, suggestions, food lists, recipes, menu planner and a workbook to fill in.