Spiritually Raw

We are what eat, drink and think, holistically!

Early on on my raw food journey, my mentor pointed out to me that potentially, my spiritual awareness could expand and deepen on a raw food diet. This made sense to me, since I was already aware of a connection between consuming high ‘energetic’ food and our personal development and consciousness. That feeding ourselves with the best possible plant based foods on the planet, along with a commitment to active spiritual growth, together, can create a dynamic potential for increased  psycho-spiritual awareness.

There are many plant based health teachers and pioneers who recognise that this esoteric link is also part of the foundation of health and therefore acknowledge it’s importance in their work and teachings. This acknowledgement can not only help to encourage our commitment to our own personal growth and wellbeing, but also an understanding of our responsibility to support the promotion of moral and ethical, life sustaining food practices globally.

There are ancient health systems such as Ayurveda in India, that work on spiritual principles for creating life and health in balance. Thankfully we continue to benefit from these esoteric contributions which see life, health and spirituality as parts of a whole, that makes up who we are.

Food, health and spirituality are all part of the same journey to health and wellbeing. A direct link exists between what you choose to eat, how you feel and how much energy and mental clarity you have. For many of us, after a lunch or evening meal of starchy cooked food, often we feel drowsy or sleepy as our internal body system copes with the burden of digesting nutritionally depleted food. This can diminish our alertness and connection to our perceptive abilities. When we eat clean, nutrient dense foods, our body receives the cellular energy and energetic fuel it needs to be awakened on all levels, to what is around and within us.

For myself, I have noticed that over the past several years, the time it takes for me to connect with my inner awareness has become quicker and I put this down to the dynamic connection between my values, regular spiritual practices and physical exercise and of course my diet. By being committed to progress in my holistic personal growth, I continue to learn about what a life of balance means for me personally.  There are many daily discoveries about my needs, that are uncovered in my thinking, feeling and digestive processes; my body literally speaks to me in signs, as of what is working, or what needs tweaking. As I listen and watch, I have the opportunity to develop better lifestyle practices.

I’m always looking for inspiration and I read and research avidly. I walk and dance, meditate and am always trying to keep on track with my food nourishment. As a raw food lifestyle coach and spiritual counsellor, I help people to examine their values in relation to their lifestyle choices, in this way, we can create a roadmap for their desired health & wellbeing goals.

Not everyone is interested in spirituality and spiritual growth, but they will still benefit immensely from a making healthier lifestyle choices, including what they eat. For those who are interested, we are fortunate in this time to have so many experienced  raw, plant based food and spiritual role models and teachers in the world; they help and guide us on our journey. Several spring to mind, people like Gabriel Cousens MD, Leslie Kenton, Queen Afua, Derin Bepo and Dick Gregory, who have been out there leading us for many years by sharing their knowledge.

I also love the work of Deepak Chopra; and if you are looking for inspiration at this moment and you live in the UK, there’s another opportunity to go to his live workshop in London on 11th May, organised by Alternatives. He’ll be returning to his health and wellness roots, to bring an exciting new approach to holistic health that focuses on the hungers we experience physically, mentally and spiritually. You can book your place here: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/1-day-deepak-chopra-seminar-future-of-wellbeing-partner-sistah-in-the-raw-tickets-11472206679

You can increase and deepen your sense of self through raw, plant-based nourishment and embrace the inner beauty that is you!

Love & Blessings
Rev. Anita - Sistahintheraw x

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