May This Moment Bring You Peace - Sacred Journaling

“Faith and optimism can add years to your life. A bad attitude is like a flat tire. Until you change it, you’re not going anywhere.” – Denzel Washington

On reading this recent quote by Denzel Washington how do you feel? What thoughts come to your mind? Are they happy or sad? Does it remind you of past hurts in your life, or does it make you think of challenges you are facing right now?

Did you know that it is possible for you to process, ease or release them those thoughts and feelings, just by writing them down, then reading them back to yourself, out loud!

Using faith-based, spiritual and meaningful quotes and affirmations is a way you can go deeper within yourself to explore your inner world, which can help you to release stress and tension and create a more connected spiritual practice.

Questions and feelings about grief, sadness, anger, finances, relationships, work, family, war and oppression have been addressed by sages and the insightful for centuries and can be discovered in a myriad of their spiritual and meaningful quotes and affirmations.

Many faith and spirituality traditions teach us that we can experience relief in the practice of contemplation, not to dwell on our issues, but to transcend them. Sacred journaling provides a vehicle for such a practice. Write daily, or as needed, but be mindful that words (including your thoughts) have power, so try to utilise a position of 'up-lift-ment' in your writing. End each entry with a positive affirmation about what you would like your next steps to be moving forward. It can be as seemingly inconsequential as taking shower, or having a cup of tea, to preparing notes for your next book project, or planning a journey.

Try to make the process easy, as any rigidity could put you off. Equally though, choose an environment and physical position (if possible), that is conducive to the time which you have designated for yourself for this purpose.

Hearing your own words spoken out loud by you, creates a powerful resonance for inviting in the energy for change. Be gentle, take your time and May this moment bring you peace...

Rev. Anita/Siatahintheraw

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