Travel is one of my big life passions.

Fairy early in my life I knew deep down that I needed to travel and I would dream of far off, fantasy places and try to imagine myself in them. Coming from a family of 'immigrants', I had plenty of fuel for these musings. The constant references to a far off '"back home" conjured up delightful images of blue skies, sun and sea that I could 'feel' from within.

Fast forward to a different millennium and Christmas day 2016. I am looking out at the sea, with palm tree's over head. I am from London, UK and this has not been my life's normality, until now that is.

At last in 2016 I decided to gift myself the opportunity to deepen my self-awareness through travelling and learning. I have been on the international road since July 2016 and I have completed two certificated holistic health courses within that time. I have visited six cities on three continents, which will also see me through into 2017.

What I could not have foreseen however, is how I would transform my earlier mindset, into a more expansive and perceptive outlook. 
What does that mean?

Going from a kind of 'half empty to half full' way of looking at things. 

So many considerations can come into play when we are embarking on an epic life changing journey, be it for career or personal reasons (or both). 
Age, gender, economic resources feed into the mix, as well as can our mindset about our ability and confidence to pursue an unfamiliar course of action.
How 'entitled' we feel to receiving the experience is another one; this is where the big question of: "how much am I open to receiving my dreams"? can play a big role when making life-changing decisions, like travelling for extended periods, because you are implimenting your goals, free of earlier restrictions perhaps.

I didn't just jump off the deep end though, (that's one way of doing it), I'm far more cautious at my age (smile). I have great role models, the biggest being my mum, whom I consulted about the practicalities of implementing such a decision. For me it works best to hear about first-hand experiences from those I trust.

What I have learned on this journey so far, is that the pay-off from stepping outside my comfort zone and committing to leaving the familiar behind, is that I was ready to do so. Being ready, meant being willing and able! This also translated into being far more open to seeing possibilities and attracting resources which I may not have previously recognised.

Creatively speaking to, I also get to practice my passions for spirituality, food and photography in some unfamiliar spaces. Traveling around with a camera and lenses, clothing to cover all types of weather conditions and terrain; and the nutritional supplements I need, adds lbs or kilos to the weight of my luggage, I have made some expensive mis-calculations, but I'm learning fast about how to negotiate transporting my needs.


I have experienced so many 'firsts' that just make me smile...from the fun of zip-lining through the tree tops in the Caribbean and discovering green juice heaven in New Orleans, to offering in-person presentations to new international audiences in West Palm Beach and Panama, plus working with some of the most innovative business mentors for my niche that I've experienced so far.
The fundamental part of the journey has been the inward learning, the experiential processes and the deep resourcefulness that it engenders.
So sitting here, sharing this and looking out at the Mozambique skyline, is a phenomenal gift for this London born girl who did not travel for the first time until she was in her twenties and is now traveling the world in her fifties, because she decided to.

It can look normal and easy for other people who travel all the time, but it is important to remember not to compare your life choices to those of others. Although there may be similarities, our experiences are our own and uniquely different and incomparable.